i love non is an artist. non is the visually conceptual umberella which draws their interdisciplinary fine art work together. i love nothing: an in-between world shrouded in meta-text. blurring boundaries between painting, photography, sculpture, fashion, clothing and accessories. 

the short story

born in a small village by the sea in the UK, keen to travel, the artist studied History of Art with French at the University of Sussex and spent a year in Paris at the Sorbonne. they moved to London and worked for a leading contemporary gallery. later expanding their work to fashion and interiors styling for major international publications. this journey continued in New York, where the artist began to make artwork. returning to London the artist set about exploring how to make work: dimensional, conceptual, and accessible. non and later ilovenon ("i love nothing" is an artist's statement) is about the beauty of the in-between, blurring boundaries, and making something out of nothing...

i love non has sold work to private collectors in London and New York. exhibited work in the form of pop-up shows in New York. and Calvin Klein Corp. has also purchased artist made books and drawings for #inspiration to make products for its' global interiors market. they prefer to remain a.non.ymous when possible.


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