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 NON MAGAZINE  the non Jeff Koons

NON MAGAZINE  the non Jeff Koons

in London
Spring ‘18
Not inspired by some of the recent work of artist Jeff Koons, we discovered this object- pure kitsch- but for a fraction of the price of a Koons ‘original’. This is a money box. We remain unsure of what species it is exactly, a semi-rampant horse perhaps? Why spend multi-millions on art work which was commissioned but not made by another artist, when you can have this? Kitsch and pastiche are just that. Unnecessary, and pointless, without function- kitsch- in the true sense. And a pastiche is a copy. Koons enjoys simulacrum (here, a copy with no original, in art historical terms) of course, and now, so can you with #ilovenon. Koons’ advertising background is very evident. He is perhaps most ground-breaking in his own career promotion. Here, we choose to take distance from Corporate Art. Work often made on the outsize scale. Created for large walls- of big offices, and huge lofts, or enormous storage containers. Large scale means big bucks. It's all a question of confidence. Make it big and someone will believe in it! Make it big, charge more (!) and someone will buy it!
We’d rather go small and stay home. This object is approx. 4” and cost £2.00. Not big is fun!


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below is a new 'non film' about the fear of smoking- smoking or non-smoking? both seem scary in a modern age. hand-drawn and animated, with sound, by the artist. non films are usually brief, and are often about not much. the 'point' is usually subtextual. humour helps of course. non films question both content and genre of this medium. more will appear on the site from time to time. sound off or on for this one?