small is Non-corporate

new paintings which introduce a more intimate and domestic scale...

watercolour on cold pressed paper, free-standing 'floating' frames, 10x10cm.

New work for 2018. Exploring what is Non-Corporate [introducing #NonScale] in order to get away from clichés of size, whereby the deliberate use of 'large-scale' can be denoted to represent- power and commercialism, within the context of an increasingly Corporate world. Majorly scaled-up artwork is created for big bucks, for big offices and large warehouse spaces. Power, wealth, taste, culture and display, incorporate many aspects of patronage, which have existed for centuries. 

However, bigger does not always mean better! As a direct response to Corporate Capitalism, we are more interested in intimacies of scale, and a return to art being about the work, and inclusive of, as well as available to, the viewer. We seek a greater accessibility, less of a 'dominant patriarchal' attitude, and a sense of affordability. Not all Collectors buy purely to keep work in warehouses. These pieces are made, and designed in presentation to be: available, affordable and accessible. We constructively choose the opposite of a huge work in a bank lobby in Manhattan. Paintings here become objects, which can be moved and inter-changed, like small sculptures even, to allow the art enthusiast their own sense of living with work, made by a living artist.

A return to intimacy of scale is also about a sense of privacy and personal taste (especially in such a public social-media driven world)- as inspired by smaller-scale Italian Renaissance paintings- which were commissioned for the more informal spaces of patrons. Why not live with art in your own unique style? Framed works are available directly from the artist.